Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Difference between OLTP and OLAP systems

Online Transaction Processing Systems Online Analytical Processing Systems
Operational Data and original source of data. The Data (integrated) comes from various OLTP systems
Application specific, Detailed and most currrent/recent data. Historical data collected from various systems to support Business decision, planning and reporting
Performance is predicted as per application architecture and design. Performance is not predicted or mandated.
Most recent data with several Insert/Update operations. Read only data.
Highly Normalized for performance. Minimal normalization with restructuring of data.
Not (least) used for reporting and analysis. High analysis for business decisions.
Many transactions. low (none) transactions.
Low to moderate space is required. Very large space is required to support volumes of data.
Backup and recovery is critical to organization. Backup is not very critical. Reloading the OLTP data is a recovery practice.